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Changing Your Food Choices -- Changing The World
Rande Bryzelak M.S. R.D.

A look at how we can make healthier food choices by supporting local and organic
farming and the tremendous benefits to ourselves, our country and the world:
  • The loss of productive US farm lands and the threat to our knowledge base
    and future security
  • The increase of pollution that accompanies distance food sourcing
  • The danger of mixing multiple pesticides in current non-organic farming
  • The biological and political treat of genetic modification
  • The humanitarian and political importance of supporting third-world farming
    and reducing world hunger.

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The City -- Obesity Connection
Rande Bryzelak M.S. R.D.

America faces ever increasing obesity rates and decreasing physical fitness, with all of the attendant health hazards. This article reviews the current situation and suggests ways we and each segment of our society can respond.
  • How we can bring physical activities back into our daily lives
  • What cities are doing wrong and how what improvements are being made or should be championed by their citizenry
  • Why the state and nation have to begin to take an active role in promoting public fitness
  • What corporations can do, with examples of some innovative pilot programs

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Keep Moving, Keep Smiling
By Dan Bowers, MD, with Rande Bryzelak M.S. R.D.

This article provides a summary of the benefits of physical exercise for HIV-positive individuals, ranging from relaxing the body and mind, improving mood, and allowing a longer and more restful sleep, to decreasing pain, reducing LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and countering the loss of muscle size and strength. It also gives guidance on how to get started, how much exercise an HIV person should do and the types of professionals an HIV-positive person should consult with before undertaking an exercise regime.

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