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At Nutrifitness, we know that:
  • everyone has different fitness goals,
  • that each person's physical condition is different and
  • that many clients in the New York area have over-burdened schedules.

This is why we work with you to define your objectives and complete a thorough assessment before designing a training program for you.

Because we have professional knowledge about the interaction of diet and exercise and the physiology of the body, we can develop maximally effective programs to meet each person's goals, condition and schedule -- whether you want to "feel better," build your chest and arms, are young or old, are healthy or have medical issues, have time for two workouts per week or five.

Our aim at Nutrifitness is to make all of our clients healthier and fitter.

Have you yourself or have you heard of someone who has trained for years with little or no result or the inability to maintain results? Have you heard of someone injured while training? Have you witnessed trainers that have great social skills and great bodies but no medical training? It is likely you have come across these and many other questionable situations?

The Nutrifitness difference is that we are university-trained, intern-tested in nutrition and exercise physiology. Our staff knows how to assess your condition and prescribe a maximally effective program for you. We will make sure you're working at your peak safe intensity -- maximizing the use of your time, by prescribing heart rate intensities for the greatest cardiovascular improvement or most-efficient burn of calories. And we make sure that our clients do not exercise beyond their safe upper limit so as to risk orthopedic injury (such as a muscle strain), decreased resistance to bacterial and viral infections, joint or back injuries, or cardiovascular damage.

Making You Healthier and Happier -- Longer

Fitness is one of the strongest predictors of long-term health and the ability to maintain an active and independent lifestyle, and exercise plays an extremely important role in keeping fit.

A physically active lifestyle allows you to live each day to the fullest without the constraints that come with poor fitness -- muscle weakness, lack of flexibility, poor coordination and less than optimum heart and respiratory fitness. And being active not only helps now, but is essential to ward off the disabilities that often come with age.

A well designed program of flexibility, balance, core development, resistance exercise and cardiovascular exercise has the power to keep you free of injuries and disabilities, to raise your metabolic rate and to improve your sleep and psychological health.

Cardiovascular Activity

"Cardio" improves the way your heart functions, improves lung capacity and is a critical part of preventing heart disease. It also is essential in weight loss. Whether you want to lose weight to look better or prevent disease (such as type 2 diabetes and cancer), burning calories through cardiovascular exercise is key.

Nutrifitness appreciates that many look to cardiovascular exercise for health reasons and resistance exercise to build their bodies, but in truth these two types of exercise compliment each other and are both important to overall health, fitness, agility and looks.

Resistance Exercise

Resistance training is commonly referred to as "weight lifting," but that term brings to mind images of large hulks pressing huge weights. That is not our focus at Nutrifitness, so we'll refer to the use of weights to strengthen muscles, add tone or build a "buff" body as "resistance training."

Nutrifitness resistance training can:
  1. protect your body from a decline in physical ability making sure you remain strong and active throughout your life,
  2. decrease your likelihood of disease and increase bone density,
  3. improve your balance and coordination,
  4. stabilize your weight and
  5. build a more attractive body.

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