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Giving + Connecting

I have been fortunate in both my educational and professional life to be surrounded by outstanding educators, excellent medical professionals and great friends. They have helped me on my continued journey to achieve success in my career and, more importantly, success as a person.

It is in that spirit that I maintain a strong commitment to volunteer activities. I incorporate volunteer activity each week as a regular part of my schedule and look for associates to work with me at Nutrifitness who share this commitment. Whether it's working with seniors, children or farmers, I derive great pleasure helping when I'm able.

If you would like to assist in a volunteer program, please fill out the questionnaire and you will be contacted when appropriate. Please note: you do not have to be a client of Nutrifitness to participate. We would be happy to include anyone interested in helping us reach out to improve the health and quality of lives of fellow New Yorkers.

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