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Who We Are

Rande Bryzelak
Founder and President

Rande Bryzelak founded Nutrifitness to provide a new class of health coaching. Aware of the nutritional fads and lack of standards in the training and exercise field, Rande has committed himself to make available to clients integrated nutrition and fitness counseling by university-trained specialists in applied physiology, exercise, biochemistry and nutrition.

Rande was a champion skater in his childhood, but in his early twenties he suffered severe injuries in an unrelated accident. As he sought to regain his strength and become physically active again, he realized that most people were at risk from bad nutrition and supplement information and untrained "trainers." His experience with training and his challenges to recover inspired him to fill the need for seriously trained and focused nutrition and fitness experts.

To realize his goal, Rande achieved his B.S. in Nutrition and Food Science from Hunter College and his M.S. in Applied Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from Columbia University. He completed over 1,200 hours of intern training in the fields of nutrition and exercise at institutions such as Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, Pacific Oaks Medical Group, Hartley House and the Altheus Fitness Center.

Rande has been certified a Health Fitness Specialist by the American College of Sports Medicine and a Registered Dietitian of the American Dietetic Association.

Because professional training and commitment are so important to Rande, he requires two things of anyone working with clients on nutrition and exercise: 1) they have a full college and advanced level degrees in these fields; and 2) that they care about their clients, continuing education and giving back through volunteering.

He has published articles on nutrition and fitness in daily life as well as on the environment, one of his avocations. And he has donated his time and expertise to The Greater New York Dietetic Association, God's Love We Deliver, Mount Sinai Hospital - Social Services and the Center for Social and Emotional Education, among others.

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I have been fortunate in both my educational and professional life to be surrounded by outstanding educators,
excellent medical professionals and great friends. Please join me in giving back to the New York community...
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