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Nutrition + Fitness Process

Assessment and Plan

Once you become a client of Nutrifitness, we begin a comprehensive, 15-hour, individualized assessment. Conducted by a dual-degreed staff member (nutrition and exercise physiology) or a combination of a degreed nutritionist and a degreed trainer, the assessment is designed to determine your goals, identify your strengths, uncover areas needing improvement and ascertain medical needs and concerns. It includes the following components:
  • nutrition assessment
  • physical assessment
  • behavioral and lifestyle assessment
  • cardiovascular/respiratory fitness assessment
  • muscular strength fitness assessment
  • flexibility, lower back and balance assessment
  • consultations with your physician(s)
  • review of medical lab reports

During the assessment, we conduct five sessions with you, totaling eight hours. Another seven hours are spent developing your individualized nutrition and exercise program. During this time our staff analyzes the results of the assessment; consults with your physician/medical team and the Nutrifitness Clinical Advisory Board, when necessary; and assembles the appropriate educational materials needed for your individualized nutrition and exercise program.

At the end of the assessment, you will receive a customized nutrition and exercise "Plan of Action." This plan is complete with:
  • individualized nutrition recommendations
  • dietary improvement strategies
  • social and psychological considerations
  • nutrient/medication interaction considerations
  • medical follow up recommendations
  • specific cardiovascular exercise recommendations
  • resistance exercise charts
  • a balance and flexibility exercise plan

This plan is designed to fit your specific lifestyle needs. In terms of nutrition, recommendations are made to correct your nutrient deficiencies, while reflecting your personal eating habits. In terms of exercise, intensities and appropriate weights are prescribed so that on day one of your new commitment, your effort is rewarded with a maximally effective, safe workout.

Implementing Your Plan

After your assessment, you may choose to workout with one of our trainers on an ongoing basis, or use the Plan of Action to guide your own workouts. We recommend, if you choose the latter that you schedule periodic follow-ups so we may adjust your workouts to keep them fresh and to make certain you are doing exercises correctly. Whichever path you choose, you can be assured that you've made a decision that will truly change your life.

Post assessment training is available in single sessions or in 10, 20 or 30 session packages. All training packages come with an hour of free nutrition counseling for each 10 sessions. Please note, depending on your specific needs, additional nutrition counseling beyond the free sessions may be necessary.
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