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What We Do and How

Nutrifitness provides a new approach to personal fitness. Whether you are a career woman trying to avoid yet another unsuccessful and tedious diet, an executive that wants to play tennis with colleagues, a senior looking to increase stamina and balance, or a 20-something looking to build a muscular body, we can help you achieve your goals.

Nutrifitness uses real science to provide you with an integration of nutrition and exercise that maximizes your results, because we know the metabolic effect of foods and how they interact with your body. And we know physiologically how to work your body to achieve new levels of strength, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

At Nutritfitness, we work with you to establish:
  • Your health and fitness goals through counseling.
  • Your nutrition needs through nutrition analysis.
  • Your baseline fitness through exercise assessments.
  • Medically appropriate recommendations through health history questionnaires, lab report analysis, and consult with your physicians.

During the development of your nutrition and exercise plan, we consider each of these parameters, and we incorporate them into a program that melds your personal goals, your determined needs and your life patterns.

At Nutrifitness, we are eager help our clients feel terrific, look great, and live a long, healthy, active life. We know that you want to live life to the fullest and be able to engage in sports, travel and family activities without the physical limitations so commonplace in today's society. And we also know that as life expectancy gets longer and society's perception of age changes, we will all want to live independently and free of "old age" aches, pains and a limited ability to participate in life.

All of this is possible with Nutrifitness.

After our assessment we will counsel you on how to integrate nutrition and exercise training to help you be your best and stay that way. Nutrifitness works with you to develop a program that is as effective as possible for you and one that you can maintain in a safe practical way. It is a whole new way of looking at integrated preventive care and being able to fully enjoy life.
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I have been fortunate in both my educational and professional life to be surrounded by outstanding educators,
excellent medical professionals and great friends. Please join me in giving back to the New York community...
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