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Helpful and Reliable Internet Resources

It's extremely difficult to distinguish reliable information from misinformation on the Internet.

Anyone can start a Web site and post whatever information they wish. Often times, this information is anecdotal in nature having little to do with scientific reality. The "my friend tried it and it worked" mentality does not mean that it did work or that it's safe for everyone. Be especially wary of anyone who promotes nutrition and health strategies based on supplements or devices and then proceed to sell those products.

The Web sites listed here are highly respected by the professional community and the information they present is based on research and scientifically accepted theories. Should you need an effective program to improve you heath and fitness, it is important to seek the help of those who possesses unique knowledge of the interactions among exercises, diet and your particular physical condition:
  • For nutrition information and help, please consult a registered dietitian
  • For medical advice, your physician
  • For exercise strategies and programs, a properly educated exercise professional

American Diabetes Association

American Dietetic Association

American Heart Association

American Institute for Cancer Research

The Center for Disease Control

The Center for Science in the Public Interest

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

The National Library of Medicine's Health Information

Community Supported Agriculture

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