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To complement your medical care, Nutrifitness offers individualized programs integrating nutrition evaluation, counseling and exercise to help your patients achieve the goals you propose for them. Whether you are trying to help patients to reduce the risk of diabetes, control blood pressure and cholesterol or simply reduce weight, our nutrition and fitness expertise can complement your practice.

Nutrifitness is comprised of a team of professionals, who have been awarded advanced degrees with in-depth knowledge of physiology, exercise, biochemistry, and nutrition and they know how these disciplines work together in the body. Learn more ...

We provide your patients with a personal plan developed with your knowledge of the patient's condition and using proven assessment techniques. We work on established goals and use scientific strategies and motivational counseling to teach your patients how to increase their overall health and physical condition and maintain their improved condition in a practical and safe manner.

Services for Your Clients

Case Studies


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I have been fortunate in both my educational and professional life to be surrounded by outstanding educators,
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