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I am stronger and fitter now, at 50, than I was 20 years ago thanks to Rande's integrated approach and deep knowledge of physiology and nutrition.

I am never tempted to skip or cancel a workout, because I know that it will be fun and that I'll have a great sense of accomplishment when it is over. Rande's encouragement to eat healthier and work out regularly as well as his enthusiasm are contagious. I wish Nutrifitness trainers were available in all the cities I visit on business.

Lorraine Brennan

I have been weight stable for over five years. That's no small thing, because before working with Rande at Nutrifitness, I had been to many trainers and tried every diet known to man, only to have limited results that never lasted. Using expert nutrition recommendations, an exercise training program and practical lifestyle improvements designed specifically for my body and my goals, Rande helped me lose almost 50 pounds and establish nutritional and fitness habits that allowed me to keep the weight off. At the same time, I gained strength through noticeable muscle building, improved my balance and flexibility and significantly improved my medical profile in regards to blood pressure and cholesterol.

His approach is completely different from any trainer I've used in the past. I was so impressed with my results that I've been referring my patients to Nutrifitness for over four years. They always report back, praising Rande and enthusiastically thanking me. The care, compassion, expertise and "real life" recommendations that Rande provides are unsurpassed.

Dr. Michael Krochak, DMD
Head of the Dental Phobia Center of New York

I work most nights and weekends, so it is difficult to find time to exercise and eat well, but Nutrifitness provided me a plan that allows me to go to the gym for shorter periods a couple of times as week and walk home on other nights to keep trim. What was even more important was that I had no idea how bad my diet was until my Nutrifitness assessment. I thought I ate a balanced diet, but found I was very short on fruits and vegetables, and because I ate some of the same things all the time, I wasn't getting the nutrient range my body needs.

I've had six or seven "trainers" before, but no one who I felt really knew how to optimize my results. Rande knows the chemical needs of my body and knows exactly how to exercise it to achieve specific results in the limited time I have.

Richard Falk

As an elder care coordinator, my teams include specialists of all kinds who work together to optimize the lives of the older people we serve. It has been a pleasure, personally and professionally, to work with Rande Bryzelak. He is not only competent, but also compassionate and that ability to tend to people's emotional needs as well as their nutrition and fitness issues lets us help people in ways they might not otherwise be open to.

Arleen Stern, LCSW
Elder Care Coordinator
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I have been fortunate in both my educational and professional life to be surrounded by outstanding educators,
excellent medical professionals and great friends. Please join me in giving back to the New York community...
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