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Physicians and Medical Professionals

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Case Studies

Here are three sample cases that show how Nutrifitness works with physicians and medical professionals to improve patients health profile and help them maintain their improved condition.

47-Year-Old Male
The patient, Mr. X, a 5'11" 47-year-old male, has battled weight most of his adult life, and in the past decade, his weight steadily climbed to an all-time high of 228 pounds. After several diet attempts, he was moderately successful at losing weight but failed to maintain a healthy weight for longer than a few months. Click here for a PDF of the complete case study.

86-Year-Old Female
The patient, Ms. Y, was originally referred by her geriatric physician for help in gaining weight. We worked with Ms. Y 2x per week for three weeks, assessing current intake, collecting information from her Geriatric Care Manager and home health care aids to get the full scope of dietary intake and lifestyle structure. Click here for a PDF of the complete case study.

57-Year-Old Female
The patient is a 57-year-old female, 5'4" with Type 2 Diabetes. Her daily medicines include: Diabeta 10mg, Glucophage 1,000 mg and a host of blood pressure and cholesterol medications. We conducted an initial Nutrition and Exercise Assessment included several conversations with her Primary Care Physician and endocrinologist. Following the assessment, we counseled the patient (2 sessions per week) on improving nutrition habits to: immediately lower blood glucose in a more strict manner and maintain healthy blood glucose levels allowing the inclusion of favorite foods. Click here for a PDF of the complete case study.

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