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A Long, Active Life

A lifelong commitment to resistance training dramatically reduces your chance of the physical weakness that often accompanies old age. Much of this weakness is not necessary and results from muscles that have been allowed to atrophy due to little, or no use.

Follow a Nutrifitness program, and you will be able to:
  • get out of a chair in your old age, because you'll have stronger quadriceps.
  • lift your baggage to the overhead compartment, because you'll be limber and have strong deltoid, pectoral, and triceps muscles.
  • Pick up your grandchildren, because you will have the trapezius, and bicep muscles you'll need.

In fact, at Nutrifitness we want to make all of the activities of your daily life -- from walking up stairs to carrying groceries to balancing in the surf -- easier for you, now and far into your future.

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Decreasing the Likelihood of Disease

Nutrifitness is constantly researching the latest findings. Recently, there has been a flood of research that resistance exercise lowers the risk of cancer. In fact, a study that was published in 2009 stated that men with stronger muscles from regular weight training are up to 40% less likely to die from cancer.

Our staff at Nutrifitness has shown clients how to use resistance exercise:
  • to reduce insulin resistance, resulting in better blood sugar control in type 2 diabetics, and in turn resulting in less need for medications and less circulating insulin.
  • to control high insulin levels in the body and thereby reduce the threat of cancer.
  • to reduce high blood sugar and avoid its consequences -- circulation, vision and kidney problems, heart attacks and strokes.

There are many other benefits, for example, increased bone density resulting in fewer breaks and fewer injuries as a result of improved balance and coordination as discussed below.

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Balance and Coordination Improvement

Often as people age they find themselves losing their balance. This is not an inevitable condition and balance and coordination can be improved while doing resistance training.

Depending on a client's level and limitations, Nutrifitness often designs weight training using lower weights and making movements more complicated (using various levels of stability challenges) so that the client is improving balance and coordination while getting all the other benefits of resistance training.

Higher levels of coordination provide the body the ability to right itself in situations such as stepping on an uneven surface or curb. A trained body can correct itself with a reflex action, minimizing falls that result in compromised health, fitness and mobility.

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Weight Stabilization

Resistance exercise increases your resting metabolic rate (how many calories you burn at rest). That is a significant contribution to a long-term healthy weight.

Many people who try to lose weight do not understand the relationship between metabolic rate and muscle. That may be one of the reasons we often meet people who have a past experience of losing weight (sometimes quickly) without a resistance exercise component only to find they gain it back again quickly.

At Nutrifitness, we know that losing weight without resistance exercise will lead to the loss of muscle tissue. And there is the catch: The loss of muscle tissue leads to a lower metabolism making it extremely difficult and often impossible to maintain weight loss. When the weight is gained back, as it most commonly is, the weight gained is in body fat.

This is a self-feeding cycle leading to ever increasing weight with less and less muscle. That is the reason using smart nutrition AND training together in the way that Nutrifitness does is the only sustainable weight reduction and maintenance method. Read more about our approach to nutrition and weight loss.

Many people think that metabolism slows as we age. In most cases, it does but primarily as a result of the decline in muscle. This combined with lower amounts of physical activity leads to an ever-increasing problem of weight gain and physical weakness. Nutrifitness can show you how to maintain your metabolic rate through on-going exercise so you can postpone the muscle loss and weight gain that afflicts so many older people.

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Building a More Attractive Body

Nutrifitness uses resistance exercises to provide our clients with greater strength and muscle tone. This combined with the loss of fat, means that all of our clients who can exercise should see an improvement in their physical appearance. While not directly a "health" benefit, we all know when we look better, we feel better emotionally and there is a link between happiness and health.

There are a number of our clients who are interested in improving their health and building a more attractive, shapely body. Our trainers have intense training in physiology and exercise -- they know precisely how to bring you the results you want in the most effective way possible.

Our trainers know:
  • How to isolate and work specific muscles and muscle groups.
  • How to avoid rotator cuff and knee injuries common in weight lifting.
  • The effect of nutrition on muscle building and how to time nutrition to exercise needs. Read more about nutrition and exercise.
  • How to perform exercise to maximize their effect and make the most of your time.
  • How to create a plan that meets your physical condition, your aesthetic goals, and your schedule.

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