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Rande's Story

My interest in exercise began with a strong competitive drive in childhood. I trained as a skater for over 10 years, winning medals in local, state, and regional competitions. Although I exercised regularly to train for my skating competitions, it wasn't until I left skating that I realized the broader importance of exercising and improving physically. A realization that has lead to a lifelong commitment to exercise both for its entertainment value and health benefits.

My interest in nutrition began as the result of a severe accident in my early 20s. It was necessary for the attending doctors to wire my jaw shut for several months. During that time, I lost over 40 pounds. Not being overweight to begin with, I lost muscle mass, not fat, resulting in a substantial loss of strength and compromising my recovery.

The years that followed led to my misguided use of supplements, herbal medicines and fad nutrition ideas. By reading as much as I could, I began to realize how much poor, if not dangerous, information is promulgated in print and on the Internet in the name of better nutrition and exercising for fitness. And watching "weekend" and "online-certified" "trainers," I could see that they had little awareness of their clients' physiology or achievable goals. Instead, they used a "one-size fits all" approach to program design, failed to monitor their clients' progress, and often didn't even know the safest way to perform an exercise. With little interest in their clients' broader health or life patterns, they often had their clients eating incorrectly, depending on supplements or attempting to diet in unsustainable ways.

It became clear to me that this was not the way to achieve efficient, lasting changes in health and fitness. Only with a thorough educational background is it possible to critically evaluate findings and weed through the huge amount of information available to identify safe and effective ways to improve health.

I wanted to help people gain the tremendously valuable benefits of integrated nutrition and exercise tailored to their physical abilities, personal goals and medical necessities. I knew there was only one real way to do that -- by completing a full course of study in nutrition and exercise physiology. I believe it is essential that anybody working with clients on nutrition and exercise have a full college and advanced level degrees in these fields, and that's why I demand that of the people who assist me at Nutrifitness.

I also realized that health coaches and trainers must care too, and this is another one of the things that I have made sure sets Nutrifitness apart. With a thorough knowledge of our clients' physical condition and goals, we are committed to working with each of them personally to achieve a sustainable program of healthy living and a longer, fuller life.

Nutriftness is a goal formed by my years in athletic training and the experience of having to regain a healthy body through nutrition and exercise. It is a heartfelt goal; one I want to share with others.

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I have been fortunate in both my educational and professional life to be surrounded by outstanding educators,
excellent medical professionals and great friends. Please join me in giving back to the New York community...
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